Comic Winter Break

14th Dec 2014, 12:45 AM in Chapter Five
Winter Break
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rufiangel 26th Dec 2014, 12:45 AM edit delete
[EDIT 2: This post was originally made between strips 274 and 275 for Christmas and Boxing Day break, but I've changed the date and slotted it in before the beginning of Chapter Five in order to not break the flow of the archives for new readers.]

Happy Boxing Day! :D

I don't normally allow myself to sketch my characters outside of the strip itself because if I have the time, I need to spend it on the strip. XD; But since I was taking a break, I figured this was a good time as any to just go ahead and draw whatever came to mind.

These are all AU sketches of course, and it was a lot of fun. :) Sorry for all the shippy stuff going on in it; I think it's because SF is not primarily focused on romance or fluff, so I have an itch. >_>;;;

These were really fun, and I like how the sketches came out :D I hope you guys do, too! Stay warm, have an awesome weekend, and catch y'all on Monday when regular updates resume~~

[EDIT around 10 minutes later]

Oh man, I nearly forgot to add this!


This would be the awesome Brimm (a.k.a. thumbjr) sending me a beautiful Christmas card as part of our exchange at the end of this year. I sent mine but it'll arrive late for Brimm OTL;;; but Brimm's arrived a couple days early and LOOKIT THAT CUTE LITTLE CAIN DOODLE AND GOLD NEMI AND BEAAAUUUTIFUL NEMI WATERCOLOUR ILLUSTRATION!!! <333 I got the original!! <333 :D

Thankyew so much Brimmy <3 too good to not share with everyone :D

I also forgot to add that the cookies Cain and Kylie are eating are these:
I baked 'em with two childhood buddies. XD; Just simple sugar cookies, but they were festive! :D
Allzephyr 26th Dec 2014, 12:56 AM edit delete reply
Thank you. Happy holidays.

Mind if I have a cookie?
rufiangel 26th Dec 2014, 1:11 AM edit delete reply
Aww, you're welcome! :D Thank *you* for checkin' in! XD

And of course you can have a cookie. Have three. <3

CiciEnixa 26th Dec 2014, 1:16 AM edit delete reply
Ohohoho~ Seia, wat is dis lovely AU side of yours dat i am lovin' here?

This page is just <3<3<3!!! With the power vested in me, I hereby declare these ships canon. *smashes bottle on ships* LET THESE SHIPS SAIL FAR AND WIDE UNTIL THE END OF TIME!!!

*Please duly note that Cici has not been vested by powers of any degree and is thereby not authorized to declare any ships in SF to be canon. Also note that the empty bottles Cici has on her is evidence that she is not of sound mind and body.
rufiangel 27th Dec 2014, 12:16 AM edit delete reply
Goodness, what was in those bottles? XD

But ehehe, thankyew Cici~~!! <3 Your comment makes me grin and dance inside XD

Oh, and re: AU Seia - maybe it's the power of those glasses? I do like glasses. XD;;;
CiciEnixa 27th Dec 2014, 12:42 AM edit delete reply
Apparently I am now authorized since I have been titled as Lord C.C. Tavernwench. The ships may commence sailing as planned.
SgtSareth 26th Dec 2014, 2:17 AM edit delete reply
These sketchs are all the cutes. I lurv 'em!

Also Brimmarts are always awesome. ^_^
rufiangel 27th Dec 2014, 12:17 AM edit delete reply
Heeeey Sareth! :D Ehehehe, thankyew! I'm glad you like 'em. <3

And yes, Brimmarts ARE always awesome :D <333 Seriously, I am just super blessed. <333
Crestlinger 26th Dec 2014, 3:36 AM edit delete reply
Nemi: voted most likely to acquire a magical tail ribbon.
rufiangel 27th Dec 2014, 12:17 AM edit delete reply
That's how she turns into Magical Neko Maid-Princess Nemi of course. :D
Outlaw 26th Dec 2014, 4:21 AM edit delete reply
Happy boxing day to you too, my friend!
Love the sketches.
rufiangel 27th Dec 2014, 12:42 AM edit delete reply
Hehehe, thank you, Outlaw! :D I hope you're having a good one yourself!

I think it was good to just let loose and mindlessly draw for a while, outside of a set script. :3 I should probably do it more often. XD;
Lukkai 26th Dec 2014, 6:55 AM edit delete reply
Oh my god, Nemi and Michael make for such a cute couple. I can hardly put it into words. :D

And Kylie really gives of those kuudere vibes again. Which is a good thing, it just so suits her.

Also: I see what you did there, Seia! ;)
Lukkai 26th Dec 2014, 7:07 AM edit delete reply
Really now: After these sketches, you can't blame us for wishing that Nemi and Michael get together, marry and have all the kids! ;)
rufiangel 27th Dec 2014, 12:46 AM edit delete reply
Oh dear... have I set up expectations now? XD;; Hummmmm...

But yeah, I think I gave myself cavities with those sketches. XD;;; I must have a serious sugar deficiency!
rufiangel 27th Dec 2014, 12:44 AM edit delete reply
Ehehe :D I agree that kuudere is a very apt term for Kylie. XD;;

I guess I thought that Seia is the very pushy type when it comes to this kinda thing. XD; Brooks no arguments, that one.
Seabiscuit 26th Dec 2014, 7:44 AM edit delete reply
Aw yeah! Happy Holidays ;D
This is so sweet and cute. The couples are so adorable together!
(Those fanarts...Are so cute too!)

Those cookies look super delicious...!
rufiangel 27th Dec 2014, 12:47 AM edit delete reply
Ehehehe, thankyew seabiscuit! :D <3 I'm glad you liked the sketches! And yes, the fanart was so lovely to receive in the mail <3 I am blessed XD <3

The cookies were oookay. XD;;; Nice, but not like, AHMIGASHAMAZIIING! I want to try one from the gajillions you made! XD;
Damatris 26th Dec 2014, 7:11 PM edit delete reply
Waaah, these are so cute! <3
rufiangel 27th Dec 2014, 12:55 AM edit delete reply
Ehehehe, thankyewww Damatris! <333 :D
KAM 26th Dec 2014, 8:22 PM edit delete reply
Roberrt 26th Dec 2014, 10:30 PM edit delete reply
Late Merry Christmas/Boxing Day/Whatever anybody celebrates right about now to you all!

Sadly my food uploader doesn't work... or I'd offer to trade goodies with people (I have Chocolate layer bar *think brownies with a creamy layer flavored with mint topped with chocolate* and Eclairs right at the moment *with a cheesecake style filling and peppermint-chocolate topping*.) Hmmm... somebody needs to invent food uploader-downloaders already!
rufiangel 27th Dec 2014, 1:24 AM edit delete reply
OMIGOSH A FOOD UPLOADER!!!!! That's what science needs to make next, SERIOUSLYyyyy

And that Chocolate layer bar you described sounds awesome O_O+

But yes, thankyew! I hope you had a really good one yourself :D
Headgamer 27th Dec 2014, 12:40 AM edit delete reply
I love the fact there are no love triangles here and everyone agrees on all the ships (for once). XD

Cute sketch. ^_^ Merry Christmas / Happy Boxing Day (what is Boxing Day again? I should Google it.)
rufiangel 27th Dec 2014, 1:27 AM edit delete reply
There are no love triangles~~ ... yet. Kidding! ... Or am I? XD;;;

Kidding aside, thankyew! <3 I'm glad you liked 'em~ Boxing Day is just like the day after Christmas, is all. XD; <3 Hope you had a good one!
SunnySideUpSmile 16th May 2017, 7:50 AM edit delete reply
Who is Seia talking to?

The ships are real xD