Comic 553 - Hiccup

1st Jan 2018, 6:30 PM in Chapter Eight
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553 - Hiccup
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rufiangel 1st Jan 2018, 6:30 PM edit delete
Happy new year, everyone! :D


Have a lovely start to 2018, and I'll catch you guys on Thursday with the next update. Cheers <3 Thanks for reading! ;v;*)/



mjkj 1st Jan 2018, 6:33 PM edit delete reply
Go, Lyn!!!!

Avenge Nemi!!!!

...and happy new year =)
rufiangel 4th Jan 2018, 12:32 PM edit delete reply
Happy new year, Mjkj! :)
CraftyNessi33 1st Jan 2018, 6:37 PM edit delete reply
OH NO! Nemi!

Happy New Year Rufi!!!! Wow! You're art has definitely come a long way! I can see the improvement. And we all have our motivation blocks, I know from experience and the fact that I have soooooo many comic ideas that I've yet to share. Keep it up though and don't forget to take care of yourself, we can wait and shouldn't be the priority. :) To another great Year! 👍🏽😊
rufiangel 4th Jan 2018, 12:33 PM edit delete reply
Thank you CraftyNessi! ;v;* I'm not too sure about my own improvements so I'm happy if you can see them XDD

I'm always wrestling with other ideas in my head, if only it were easier to get them all out onto paper XD

Thanks so much for your kind words and understanding, and for reading <3 happy new year! :D
MST3KFan 1st Jan 2018, 7:04 PM edit delete reply
Nemi, NOOOOOOO!!!! Save our little kitty thief, Cain!

And Happy New Year to you, too, rufi!

I know you were going through a lot with your job and motivation was being affected, but you're a trooper, and you pushed on. You want to see your project through to the end, and so do so many other people (myself included).
I believe in ya. So here's to the further adventures of the motley crew of heroes in their attempts to...well, for right now, finish off this big old' behemoth. XD
rufiangel 4th Jan 2018, 1:52 PM edit delete reply
Thank you MST3K for your kind words and support throughout the year. :) You are always so encouraging and I appreciate it! Thank you for reading, and happy new year!! ;v;*)/
Proxy170 1st Jan 2018, 7:12 PM edit delete reply
Oh c'mon, Jinn, I know what you WANTED to say! XD

Can he like...kick it back over to her? >.>

And don't be so hard on yourself, Rufi! It may have been a bit slow for you but it has been a great year, content wise! Fantastic stuff :)
rufiangel 4th Jan 2018, 1:54 PM edit delete reply
Ahahaha XD to be fair, he couldn't really see how bad it was, he just heard her yelp :'D

And he can certainly try! -v-)9

Thanks so much Proxy for always being so encouraging, engaged and supportive ;v;*** it really means a lot to me! Thank you <3 here's to another year!! *hug*
KAM 1st Jan 2018, 7:17 PM edit delete reply
Brought to mind an old webcomic called Crushed The Dead Kitty Chronicles (it was set in an RPG world and if the heroes got killed, which was often, they'd be recreated back at a temple.)

Happy New Year and good luck! :-)
rufiangel 4th Jan 2018, 1:55 PM edit delete reply
Oh deeeear XD well, 'resurrection' works a liiiittle differently here, we'll get to it eventually... ;)

Happy new year, KAM! Thanks so much for reading SF and for your support, I truly appreciate it. <3
Crestlinger 1st Jan 2018, 8:43 PM edit delete reply
To start off the new year.
(And to get this sucker stuck in peoples' heads, Not sorry :>)

Pros: Lyn is done charging, Nemi landed next to the regeneration cleric who spams Heal, the other ward is noticed instead of flying off into the stands.

Cons: looks like the behemoth is done charging as well, shoulder wound may yield permanent damage and Cain's catching skills will now be bought to task as He'll have to set it.
rufiangel 4th Jan 2018, 1:57 PM edit delete reply
Happy new year Crestlinger! :) I'm very appreciative of the fact you read SF <3 thanks so much for your support!

Re: pros - absolutely all pros!

Re: cons - I don't think it was super clear (my bad XD) but Black Behemoth has finished charging and... has already used up the charge on clearing out the fortified barrier XD so now it's gotta charge up again, yay? XD;;

We'll see how it goes - it'll be a bit of a flurry of blows ;)
Jarvi 1st Jan 2018, 9:18 PM edit delete reply
<hugs Rufi> You're doing great ^^ Don't worry :)

That blood on Nemi :OOO
rufiangel 4th Jan 2018, 1:58 PM edit delete reply
;v;*** <hugs brother back with muchas love> thank you brother <333 always always!

And yeah, I kinda wanted to show it was a pretty bad hit without showing *too* much mangledness XD; it *is* Nemi's li'l face after all -v-)/
megados 1st Jan 2018, 11:14 PM edit delete reply
Well, looks like Nemi dodged the worst of it. Cain, you're up!

Motivational lapses or challenges happen. You made it through, and it's a new year! Sometimes, the simple trick is not to worry too far ahead. ;)

Oh yeah, and Happy New Year! :D
rufiangel 4th Jan 2018, 2:48 PM edit delete reply
Cain can do what Cain does best - heal a bunch XD

Thanks so much megados for always being so supportive and encouraging in my lapses ;v;* I really appreciate it. You're right, I gotta take things a day at a time >ㅅ<*)/

Happy new year :D <3
SunnySideUpSmile 2nd Jan 2018, 2:05 AM edit delete reply
O-oh dear....hope Nemi will be okay!

And Happy New Year! :D
rufiangel 4th Jan 2018, 2:51 PM edit delete reply
No worries, a healer found her pronto and put her jaw back together ;D

Happy new year dear! <3 Thank you so much for reading :D
Allzephyr 2nd Jan 2018, 2:31 AM edit delete reply
Agh! Archeeeeeeeer!

A bit of a Cici-like start to the New Year, but we're still with you. It's more than our pleasure. Happy new year.
rufiangel 4th Jan 2018, 2:52 PM edit delete reply
XD Unfortunately, the flying thing is a daily and can't be used more than once a day. He sure would *like* to swoop in and save her butt, though, if he could've!

I also am greatly amused by how Cici has become synonymous with blood and terror and misfortune XDDD thank you *so* much for sticking with SF, Zephy, it truly warms the cockles of my heart <3 happy new year :D
CiciEnixa 2nd Jan 2018, 9:25 PM edit delete reply
^ I see that, Zeph XDDD

Oh man, oh no, Cain you better heal Nemi, that is more blood than I would like to see on her D: Since you mentioned it, would there be a terrible effect if Nemi had gotten blood on the ward?

*squooshes rufi* <3 You've worked so hard and done so much over the whole year, I hope you know we all love you and all that you do~
rufiangel 4th Jan 2018, 2:54 PM edit delete reply

I think if Nemi had gotten blood soaked straight through the parchment it could have potentially messed up the writing on it, but they're currently somewhat sealed until they open them up, so... it was mostly me just mentioning it on hygienic grounds XDD

And Cici-muffin, you know how much ily right. I hope you do. <3 *hugs tightly* <333 thank you muffin for just being muffin. ;v;***
The Accidental Ninja 2nd Jan 2018, 11:37 PM edit delete reply
The Accidental Ninja
Aahh, Nemi, nuuu



Re: A/N: Aw, Rufi, the fact that you've managed to pull through and throw some updates out *despite* the lack of motivation is impressive!
And I hope for all the best for you in terms of a job/art for this year! :)

*hands you a sparkler* Does this count as crackling energy?

Happy New Year ^^
rufiangel 4th Jan 2018, 2:56 PM edit delete reply
Lyn's a-gearin' up! :D Though if he goes at it a bit too quickly, things might mess up a wee bit... >.>

((brings in the oxygen tanks))

And you are too kind Kat ;v;*)/ Thank you for all your support and sweet encouragement <3 I'm appreciative of your support and readership very muchly!

*holds sparkler* O_O th-this is a bit literal, ehehehe, heh... >_> <_<

Happy new yeeear XD
Matt Knab 3rd Jan 2018, 8:24 AM edit delete reply
Matt Knab
Gah, pour on some healing, stat!
Keep up the good work, Rufi! We're here for you!
rufiangel 4th Jan 2018, 2:57 PM edit delete reply
Cleric Cain is on it, sir! *salutes*

And aw Matt, you are always so super encouraging! ;v;*** Thank you so much, always. I treasure your readership and support, so much <3 happy new year, and thank you for always being an inspiration to us all <333
Centcomm 3rd Jan 2018, 9:34 PM edit delete reply
Always here even if i forget to comment! looking good as always!
rufiangel 5th Jan 2018, 4:28 PM edit delete reply
Aw Centy, thank you so much always for reading! ;v;* I'm always hugely honoured and very encouraged by your kind words <3 *hugs* <33 thank you for being an inspiration <3
Lilbluebox 4th Jan 2018, 2:51 PM edit delete reply
I've said a few things about this comic before, but I've never actually posted in the comment section, which is just wrong of me. So this story. This beautiful, wonderful story. When I first found it, I read it all the way through in one sitting, didn't go to bed until after one in the morning because I was reading. It's wonderfully compelling; the plot is great, the characters have all grabbed onto my heartstrings and tangled themselves up in them, and I love the world. You've created such a wonderful world with which to play with, and all the not-so-subtle references to D&D just make it infinitely better. I'm incredibly impressed with your worldbuilding and how you haven't fallen back on the dwarves/elves/dragons trope that usually populates these kinds of fantasy realms - though I have to admit, a dragon would be awesome. But no, instead we get Final Fantasy references, and discussions about party composition. It's absolutely delightful and I love every second of it.

This page, as the rest of the fight scene before it, is amazing. You are so GOOD at conveying action and keeping the panels exciting. They never feel static or stiff, which I think is quite an accomplishment. Well done!

Oh, poor Nemi, that looked like it hurt a LOT. Owch owch owch. Luckily, I think Cain's up to the task of fixing her up and getting her blood to stay on the inside of her body where it belongs. Jinn's reaction to the ward clattering outside the panel borders (nice touch, I love that) might be in regards to the ward, or to what its presence means for Nemi, or both. It's hard to tell just now, though I do hope he's a little worried about Nemi, if only for Mikey's sake.

The behemoth (and I hope I'm remembering that right) is just as threatening as ever in this page. I love this monster; it's incredibly threatening AND a reference, you can't get better than that! Lyn's getting ready to unleash the big move and I very much hope it hits. It should, considering that I sincerely doubt our intrepid heroes can actually beat this thing without it. And you keep teasing with him, refusing to show us his eyes. Hopefully that'll be coming soon! I'm very much looking forward to that.

Art... man, Rufi, your art has gotten SO GOOD over the course of this webcomic. I reread it sometimes and it just strikes me every time. For this page in particular the middle line of panels is my favorite, and in particular I just love the ward breaking the walls of the panels. It just adds a whole new dynamic to the page that works really well and I love it. There's not much in the way of expressions on this page, but Jinn's is on point. In fact, overall you just do a splendid job with expressions. It's great. You also draw blood very well which is good because Nemi doesn't look like she's covered in ketchup, but also.... well... blood. But at least you draw it very well!

And I will never, ever get tired of glowy magic shenanigans and special effects. I can't wait to see what Lyn's about to let loose.
rufiangel 5th Jan 2018, 5:15 PM edit delete reply
Lilbluebox! @_@ You really left such a long and wonderful comment that touched me so, thank you! ;v;*** *hug* <333 Gosh, the time taken to share your kind thoughts and words mean so much. I really appreciate it! It is always such a blessing when readers take the time to share their thoughts, thank you <333

Serpamia Flare is in many ways my personal love letter to all of the JRPG and tabletop experiences I've had thus far, so it pleases me that you're enjoying the result XD it also makes me very happy to know the action sequences have been translating well enough so far, they are certainly always challenging @_@ hurray! I'm especially glad that you like the behemoth, since I've been half-regretting it ever since it burst out onto the page due to how long it takes to draw and shade. XD;;; Every once in a while I've been throwing up my hands in disgust and going 'why didn't I just go with a massive green slime?' LOL. So yes, this makes me feel better about it XD Re: blud - it's something I'm still figuring out all the time but I'm glad to know it looks like, well blood XD;;; (but uhhh yeah I am slightly worried that this is something I draw very well at this point HAHAHA what does this say about me)

In regards to Jinn and Nemi (and Mikey) - I won't say too much, we'll see! XD; Though I will say I hope that readers are good with the resultant dynamic out of it. >v<)b

I'm not trying to be too mysterious about Lyn's face so... we'll see XD nehehehe

I'm especially appreciative of your kind remarks regarding the art! ;v;*)/ I'm still very much in need of improvement in multiple areas so it's always very encouraging to know when the art is improving over time. I don't go too crazy with panels or layout but when I do occasionally pop out of panels, I'm happy to learn it works ;v;*)7

Finally, SUPER glad to hear the SFX are working XD;;; I am still figuring it out, I know I can keep learning to do 'em prettier! Hopefully I'll manage to pull of Lyn's oathbreaker blow with some fun effects XD; we'll see ;v;*)/

Thanks again Lilbluebox for just such kind commentary! ;v;*** I'm very appreciative <3 I hope you continue to enjoy SF as we roll on along! ;v;*)b