Unlikely heroes~

About the story

Serpamia Flare takes place in the world of Archaiea, where magic is a given and adventurers abound. The main characters, a knight plagued with dreams and a hapless cleric with a curse, meet on a fluke chance and stumble upon a long and arduous quest together without knowing how big things are going to get...


About the general stuff

Serpamia Flare is a webcomic that began back in 2003 but was constantly put on hiatuses over the years. To put it in a nutshell, Serpamia Flare is a fantasy comic that is heavily influenced by MMORPGs and JRPGs, with lots of manga influences thrown in.

On the update schedule
The author finally came around in 2013 and stuck to a schedule, updating SF three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and the story finally progressed past the first chapter. This update schedule would eventually become twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays when the author got a full-time job from 2016 onwards, with a break taken on the last Monday of every month. This dropped to a weekly update some point in 2018, and then entered a hiatus in 2019 due to various issues. The author returned to updating on a weekly basis starting March 2020.

On the art evolution
I've redrawn quite a few strips from Chapter One, though obviously a majority of the chapter has older art. The art evolves and pretty much stays consistent from the start of chapter two onwards (though I'd like to think I'm continuing to improve).


About the author

I am both a writer and an artist, and have done both professionally in the past. I have taken on several full-time jobs that are completely irrelevant to storytelling in any form while working on the webcomic. I have one self-published novel now that I really need to remember to promote, and I try to work on SF in all my spare time.

English is my first language, Korean is my second, and I happen to live in Hong Kong - in case you wondered why my updates occur in the afore-mentioned timezone. Telling stories is a passion of mine, and Serpamia Flare is one of my baby projects that I intend to consistently work on to the end.

If for whatever reason you need to contact me, I respond to comments on the comic fairly often so that's an easy way. I check PMs on ComicFury time to time, and you can also find me on the SF Discord channel, which I frequent quite a bit. If you need to email me, you can email me at my username at gmail dot com, though if you spam me I shall have to throw spam straight from the tin right back atcha with the ferocity of a hungry chihuahua.

The only one frequently asked question I can think of that has been directed towards me (besides 'WHAT IS UP WITH CAIN?!?!') is how do you make the comic? The comic is currently created digitally using an Intuos tablet (and occasionally a Wacom MSP) and Photoshop. I thumbnail and sketch a lot of things using a pencil and some paper, though, to get the flow of things before I actually draw it digitally. Scripting is a shared process between my brain, Editpad, paper and some scribbling on the rough layer of the PSD file. I have a more detailed step-by-step description here, at an old forum thread at ComicFury.

This is me.

Random facts about rufi:
- I once had two cats, but Jinny went to cat heaven in 2020, and now I have just the one - Mimi. She sometimes occupies my lap while I draw.
- Jarvi drew me as a princess once because he is a prince, and we are siblings in another universe.