Comic 222 - Lapia Oak Cavern

5th Aug 2014, 12:00 PM in Chapter Four
222 - Lapia Oak Cavern
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rufiangel 5th Aug 2014, 12:00 PM edit delete
This one seems not so non-hostile!

I will be updating just twice this week due to being out of town for most of it. So the next update will be on Thursday. :) Thank you for your understanding.
mjkj 5th Aug 2014, 2:48 PM edit delete reply

And he protected Nemi :D

...and Nemi has a bout of conscience - I think that is good for her, though. *hugs her*
rufiangel 14th Aug 2014, 2:03 AM edit delete reply
He did indeed! :) And yes, Nemi is still young, after all~ nehehe.
KAM 5th Aug 2014, 8:22 PM edit delete reply
I guess his nickname is "Bait". ;-)

I added Wing Dinglish to your TV Tropes page.
rufiangel 14th Aug 2014, 2:04 AM edit delete reply
Dude, thank you SO MUCH for adding all those tropes to the page!! You're awesome! *glomp* :D I'll be sure to do that fun little thing I said I would soon. Watch out for it!
Outlaw 6th Aug 2014, 5:03 AM edit delete reply
He's a gentle dude who knows how to kick ass if he needs to... I respect guys like that!
rufiangel 14th Aug 2014, 2:05 AM edit delete reply
Hehehe, I like the word you used for him. For sure, I think that would be the most apt adjective for his personality. <3
Allzephyr 6th Aug 2014, 7:41 PM edit delete reply
This underlines the major difference between Michael and Kylie.

Kind of ironic in a way since dogs tend to attack everything that moves.
rufiangel 14th Aug 2014, 2:06 AM edit delete reply
Hehe, you mean in a 'SQUIRREL!' kinda way? XD

To be fair, he's more wolf-like than dog-like (and so... more cautious?) but you do have a point - Kylie's definitely got no qualms there. XD;