Comic 285 - A fallen world

21st Jan 2015, 7:00 PM in Chapter Five
285 - A fallen world
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rufiangel 21st Jan 2015, 7:00 PM edit delete
*NOTE: Important announcement below the regular comments regarding chapter one!*

And the history/religion lesson continues! I will tell you guys upfront that I am being painfully vague in these pages because Reasons. I gave myself a strict limit of three pages for Mr. Cain's mini-lecture so a huge time span had to be summed up in a few sentences. XD;; Hopefully the murals help?

And now, the announcement. *gulp*

So guys... I have a bit of a plea to make. XD;;; This has to do with the redrawing of chapter one.

So basically, I'm a little stuck on the whole thing. I don't want to compromise my current update schedule but not having the first chapter redone really bugs me. I'm pretty sure it bugs new readers, too. But redrawing this damn thing takes time, and when I'm not working on SF, I'm working on my novel.

As I'm not working full-time at the moment, I would like to monetise out of SF, but I am wary of doing so without redrawing the first chapter. But because SF doesn't earn me much moolah, I have not too much incentive to redo the first chapter on top of all the other work I am putting into both my novel and the regular updates. See the weird cyclical problem here? >_>;;; At this rate, the first chapter is going to get redrawn by the end of 2017.

A couple of readers have approached me through private messages to suggest I create an incentive for myself by opening up a donation or tip pool specifically for redrawing chapter one. I'm still a bit weirded out by doing this because let's face it - I need to redraw this thing anyway! But the idea presented to me has been, well, if you open up a donation pool then maybe you'll have a reason to get this done faster by using the usual time you spend on the novel by working on the redrawn strips.

I don't really have the drive to redraw the whole 80 pages but I would really like to redraw at least the low-res pencilled strips, which comprise of 21 strips.

So here's my plea: would you guys be interested in helping me out by tipping me enough to redraw the first chapter within the next couple of months? The pages will be available for everyone to see, not just supporters. But by tipping me, I can promise a few things:

1) The first 21 strips will get redrawn within the first quarter of this year (i.e. by the end of April 2015).

2) You will personally receive higher resolution files of the completed strips from me, both with and without text. (I work in very big files. >_>)

3) You will receive an exclusive two-page short that involves Cain and Nemi in Lari Oasis. (This was not on the side-story poll - it was a short I was planning to use in the omake between Chapters Four and Five a long time ago but decided not to do it. And no, it has no bearing on the plot... but it is still canon.)

The redrawn pages will have different layouts but the dialogue will be almost 100% the same, by the way. But hopefully will inflict less pain on the eyeballs. >_>

Just to demonstrate how far I've managed to go on redrawing this damn thing - just inks on the first strip. Done intermittently over several weeks when I wasn't working on regular updates, the novel or gift art (or other real life events I had to attend to). Go me. XD;

It's fine if you don't donate! No worries. The first chapter WILL be redrawn. Eventually. >_>

But if you don't mind giving me a bit of a push, then here's what you can do.

You can donate however much you want and still receive all the incentives I've listed above. Whether it's a dollar or two! So I'll let you decide however much you want to donate.

Second, you can send me a donation through my username at gmail dot com through Paypal. Or you can click the button below, I believe it should work:

[EDIT: Nope, button fail. XD; You'll have to pay through Paypal to my email directly until I figure this one out! Sorry!]

Third, to keep me accountable, you should drop a comment in either the comment section or the Disqus section in order to let me know you've sent me monies. This will keep things transparent for everyone. If you want to make an anonymous donation you can PM me and I will make a note of it publicly without saying who you are. XD;

Fourth, I need to know your email account in order to email the necessary incentives I've promised above, so please be sure to let me know that if you do donate!

I will track for you guys how much is going into this, assuming people are actually interested in supporting this little campaign of mine. XD;; And if not, well... THAT'S OKAY GUYS REALLY. XD;;;; This will run until I've redone all 21 strips. Support comes in many forms, and money is only one of them. :) So don't feel obligated!

Alright, that's enough from me! Thank you guys for reading, always. :)
mjkj 21st Jan 2015, 9:18 PM edit delete reply
Wow, quite interesting story :D for incentive: ...and done :D

...also you could open up a patreon account for monthlies...
rufiangel 22nd Jan 2015, 2:50 AM edit delete reply
O__O OMIGOSH! Thank you so much!!! ;w;* *GLOMPS* I really appreciate it!!! <333

And I'm really happy you find the history lesson interesting so far XD;;; whew!

I have been thinking about opening up a Patreon; Headgamer and I had some lengthy back-and-forth discussions about it. XD;;; I'm still thinking on how to best approach it, but for now I feel that this short-term campaign will help me understand how to go about things.

But seriously, thank you so much!!! ;w;* *glomps again*
mjkj 22nd Jan 2015, 3:17 AM edit delete reply
*is crushed with repeated glomps* ;)

You are welcome :)

You know, I was already thinking about approaching you to open up a patreon account for about a week or two now...

Outlaw 21st Jan 2015, 9:20 PM edit delete reply
Very epic world building. Gorgeous page.
rufiangel 22nd Jan 2015, 2:51 AM edit delete reply
Thank you, Outlaw!! <3 :D I'm really happy to hear that!

I guess these strips are expanding the world of SF beyond the characters quite a bit, so I am really happy to hear that it's being received well so far. Thank you so much for your encouraging words as always, Outlaw ;w;* *hug*
Seabiscuit 21st Jan 2015, 10:51 PM edit delete reply
(I still can't think of what I was trying to...But it wasn't fancy stick figures!)
Ohh..This is a cool story. World building done awesomely, and of course the picture thingies are awesome!
I wonder if we'll see Vio and Ardent?;D

(OHh..First chapter drawing! I still say they look awesome and not at all eyeball hurting.:D
I'd love to donate...But I have no monies or paypal...;_;
I too think you should try patreon, though!)
rufiangel 22nd Jan 2015, 2:55 AM edit delete reply
XDDD Dang, what was it? Mosaics?

I'm glad you like the history lesson so far seamuffin! :D <3 It really took me a long time to finally get to this expository bit so I'm really happy it's being received well so far. XD;

Next update, I'll show one panel from the terrible 50 page short story I did on Vio and Ardent that is a prequel to Serpamia Flare. XD;;; You guys can see what kind of characters they were. (They are kind of long-dead by the time SF starts so... unless I do some magicky hoo-hah we may not actually see Vio and Ardent properly in SF. But yeah, you know, psh. Why would magicky hoo-hah things ever happen in SF?)

And you really are so kind about the first chapter XD;;; <3 Thank you seabiscuit <333 I really appreciate the thought - the thought really counts!! <3 :D

And thank you for the encouragement towards Patreon! :) I am still thinking about how best to go about it.
Allzephyr 21st Jan 2015, 11:26 PM edit delete reply
*Trying to feed money into the disk slot* NGH! Why isn't this working? Damn you technology! No worries Rufi, I will get my donation online one of these days!

Seriously though... That's quite a bit of work you've set upon yourself. Personally, I'm caught between the me that thinks it's fun to see art styles develop over time and the me that wants to see a high quality first chapter. I suppose it should be done though. Good luck my friend.

Also, are the Angelians and Saerens getting washed away at the end there? That's gonna be awkward....
rufiangel 22nd Jan 2015, 2:58 AM edit delete reply
XDDD Thank you, AllZephyr!! <3

I am only drawing the first 21 strips again, and there is still quite a substantial shift in art from 22 onwards. >_> Maybe if I get obsessed with redrawing strips for whatever reason I'll try to redraw all of chapter one, but then I feel like there'll be no end to it (like I'll want to redo Chapter 2 again too) so I'm putting my foot down on 21. XD; Thanks so much though for your support! I definitely need all the luck I can get! >_<)/

Also, hahahaha, about the Anjelians and Saeren in the mural... in a manner of speaking...? Well... you'll see in the next page. :D
CiciEnixa 21st Jan 2015, 11:40 PM edit delete reply
Darn it, Cain! Full story! I brought popcorn and everything, I demands the full thing! (jk XD) We have not seen Saeren before, have we? At least, not explicitly, right?
rufiangel 22nd Jan 2015, 3:03 AM edit delete reply
CICIIII *glomp* ;w;* Thanks SO MUCH! Now I shall go buy choco-- Err I mean... I shall work hard! XD <333 (Honest to goodness I am SO thankful ;w;* thankyew so much for your support *huggles*)

And nope, we have not seen Saeren before. :) At least... ... ... *thinks* I think I have introduced enough characters to say this without spoiling. One of the named characters in this strip is a Saera but is passing as human. Good luck figuring out who! XD; (It's not really that important to the plot, but I suppose it's an interesting aside.)

I think I really could have had Cain talk forever and ever on this thing but... let's just say, he would have elaborated after Friday's strip if I let him. (But I won't. :P)

(...Thank you again you muffin you ;w; *hug*)
Crestlinger 22nd Jan 2015, 1:41 AM edit delete reply
This is what happens when the hydrophobic mages on Discworld leave home.
rufiangel 22nd Jan 2015, 3:03 AM edit delete reply
Awww, I wish I had read Discworld. u_u <--reference lost
Jarvi 22nd Jan 2015, 2:12 AM edit delete reply
Oh oh .. may I know more Cain? How did they save the lang from the first Aquafall? :)

Also, I wish you very good luck in redrawing stuff! I have also some things I'm planning on remaking so... *highfives* :)
rufiangel 22nd Jan 2015, 3:06 AM edit delete reply
XD Awww Saari-nii! You're that elfy student in the classroom that keeps asking questions, aren't you! XDD <3

Also thank you so much!! ;w;* I really appreciate your support Saari-nii :D And ooooh what are you planning on remaking?? We are brother-sister-in-arms!! *high fives gleefully* :D
Headgamer 22nd Jan 2015, 5:27 AM edit delete reply
Shortened story is probably best tbh. I meen, how long were they doing backstory with Seed? I enjoyed it and she really told the story well and gave us some absolutely beautyfull pages, but I was ready for it to be done about 4 months ago. o_o I would like to hear the whole thing though maybe as a side story or in text form.

Just to be clear: your paypal is rufiangel (at) correct?
You know I completely support this and will deff donate. ;)
rufiangel 22nd Jan 2015, 2:35 PM edit delete reply
Ahhh, Seed's back story. XD; I think the sense of 'man this is taking a while!' had to do with the artist's short hiatus in the middle and just the general slower update schedule for the pages there. They were really beautiful pages though, like you said. :) (And it looks like they're finally at the end of the tale XD;;; back to Dex and Dom soon I think! Phew)

The whole story in SF has to be unravelled along the way in an annoying fashion because I am that kind of author XD;;; and also because it's Complicated. Yay! :D

Btw - THANK YOU so much Headgamer for your constant support ;w;* you are honestly super awesome and I appreciate it so, so much! And yes, that email is correct. XD; (I am super paranoid against spam so I try to be cryptic. Maybe too cryptic, I'm so sorry. XD;;;)
Headgamer 22nd Jan 2015, 8:57 PM edit delete reply
Ya, that didn't help. >.< I'm kind of just glad she's updating at all though. Anyhow.

Cool. Sent you $30.00
rufiangel 23rd Jan 2015, 12:34 AM edit delete reply
Omigosh... you did!

Thank you so so so much!! *O_O* *hugs* I am so grateful for your support, truly!!
Lukkai 22nd Jan 2015, 8:02 AM edit delete reply
Eh.. Cain omitting the details in the last panel actually feels kind of natural. Of course it might be followed by a "How did they do that, come to think of it?" by one of the listeners next, upon which Cain elaborates a little. On the other hand the general principle might already be public knowledge. Or the opposite: No one really knows anymore how they did it.

As for the redrawing. I've worked with paypal, should still have an account s'far as I know. Don't really like it, but I'll definitely think about it. Depends a bit on how much money's left end of this month.
rufiangel 22nd Jan 2015, 2:38 PM edit delete reply
Hurray! :) I'm glad it feels natural and not weirdly like the author is avoiding something... >_> (lolol not to say I am of course *innocent eyes*) And as to why Cain doesn't elaborate, it's for one of the reasons you stated. ;)

And thank you so much for thinking about it!! >_<)/ I really appreciate even the thought, it really does count. Don't worry if you can't! I am still so grateful that you read and leave such awesome comments all the time. XD; *hug*
Lukkai 23rd Jan 2015, 6:05 AM edit delete reply
Thanks. I've got two competitions coming up (fortunately with the air pistol for which both entry fee and ammunition isn't too expensive) and a week of skiing end of the month. After that and with the last of the end of the year bills paid, I'll know how much money I can freely throw around and you're on the list if there's any.
rufiangel 23rd Jan 2015, 7:00 AM edit delete reply
Air pistol?? Dang that sounds cool! O_O
I'm grateful you say I'm on the list ;_;* *hugs* again, don't worry! I appreciate the thought immensely. <333
Have fun skiing later! :D
Lukkai 24th Jan 2015, 3:07 PM edit delete reply
It's fun!

Also demanding though. Takes a lot of concentration and discipline to get good results. The distance may only be 10 meters, but the target is not exactly big.
This gives you a bit of an idea of it:
I must say though, that most regional competitions do not follow the rules when it comes to number of shots and there being a qualification and then the final.
HeSerpenty 22nd Jan 2015, 11:48 AM edit delete reply
Ooooo learnin some--EGADS---History!!

No but seriously--great world building and set up as usual! Ya know the whole thing with the drowning the earth n whatnot reminds me of Noah's Ark XD
Your comic reminds me of all sorts of biblical things! (which is cool :3).

Awww now finallly lil Cainy-Wainy can explain things to people! :D
rufiangel 22nd Jan 2015, 2:42 PM edit delete reply
<333 Yaaay, I'm glad you like the set up! :D

The drowning the earth is heavily influenced by Noah's Ark - I'll get around one day to explaining how the concept of Archaiea came about, though it's a fairly tedious story so I will probably avoid doing so as long as I can. XD;;; I won't pretend I came up with it all on my own, though - a lot of what I work with in SF is inspired by biblical things, hehehe. XD; I'm glad you find that cool!! <3

And yes, Cain gets to put his little Nerd Cap on and geek out over Vio and Ardent like the fanboy he is XDD;;;

I'd like to think that in pen and paper terms, he basically has the craziest base score in Religion and could roll a 2 and still manage to waffle on about it for an hour. XD
ptmc 22nd Jan 2015, 9:46 PM edit delete reply
I too also think you should set up a Patreon, though I have no monies (pulls out little piano bank, sees the cobwebs inside, sighs, then puts it back)

though I was even shyer then the other commenters, was thinking about mentioning the patreon thing probably since I discovered the comic.

What if some people want to still see the old art, would it be archived somewhere else? (possibly behind an "Eww, old art" sign)
rufiangel 23rd Jan 2015, 12:37 AM edit delete reply
No worries, I totally understand - honestly I appreciate it just as much whenever readers just leave comments and generally support me by letting me know they're there. <3 *hug*

Patreon... I am still contemplating how best to go about it, but I will probably try starting one after the first chapter is complete. :) Thank you for letting me know your thoughts, to; it makes me feel a little less shy about starting one myself!

The old art will always remain archived at my DA account, where SF started~ I will probably leave links as I replace the pages, just because I know some people will be curious. :)
ptmc 23rd Jan 2015, 12:41 AM edit delete reply
Aww. *hugs back*
Proxy170 23rd Jan 2015, 9:59 AM edit delete reply
Props to you for wanting to redraw your stuff, and actually doing it. I've wanted to do something similar, but I'm just a bit too lazy and unmotivated...

This history is very interesting...was the aquafall a sort of punishment from Anjelians and Saeren?
rufiangel 23rd Jan 2015, 6:17 PM edit delete reply
Hahaha, thanks Proxy! XD; Well, I do need a bit of a kick in the bum... I reckon with donations I'll feel like I absolutely have to redraw it now. XD;; Welp, time to get cracking on it!

I'm really glad you find the history interesting, too!! Really, I was worried how this segment would come across and I'm happy it's been received well so far. <3

It does look kinda like it could have been, huh? ;) Hmm. Archaeians wonder about that, too, though opinions are too thoroughly divided to come to consensus.
Slim Kittens 5th Sep 2015, 11:24 AM edit delete reply
Slim Kittens
Don't know much about history,
Don't know much theology...