Comic 536 - Green Magic 101

12th Oct 2017, 6:00 PM in Chapter Eight
536 - Green Magic 101
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rufiangel 12th Oct 2017, 6:00 PM edit delete
Heya folks, happy Thursday! :)

I had an earlier start today than usual, so I'm afraid I'm uploading before work yet again (since I went straight to bed after completing the page last night). -v-)/ I had things I wanted to update here but no time to write it up unfortunately, so it'll have to wait for Monday.

I hope you enjoy today's update/lesson and I'll see you guys on Monday with the next update!

Matt Knab 12th Oct 2017, 6:33 PM edit delete reply
Matt Knab
I am so excited for this battle. :D
rufiangel 16th Oct 2017, 9:48 AM edit delete reply
I'm excited that you're excited!! :D <3

Really this battle has been in the works for a long time (read: years) so I'm hopeful that it'll look the way I've been envisioning it. ;v;*)/
Headgamer 12th Oct 2017, 6:34 PM edit delete reply
Yay world bulding.

Makes sense. So how will they use that fact?
rufiangel 16th Oct 2017, 10:02 AM edit delete reply
<3 Happy you enjoy the world-buildy-bits Headgamer! :D

It's foundational to understand why they're going to do what they're going to do, you'll see what I mean next page XD
mjkj 12th Oct 2017, 6:48 PM edit delete reply
Wow all under control - prepare the counter attack...

So, the black disc summon will destroy the summoner? Why then is he still alive and nicely tucked away? Is he strong enough to keep the summon in check? He did not seem that way when we saw him...

Beautiful update, Rufi <3 I guess the mayhem commences next update =)

megados 12th Oct 2017, 7:53 PM edit delete reply
Not necessarily destroy, but to subjugate. Speedcaster would be under the puppy's control! I do not think he's strong enough to keep the puppy in check.

(at least that's how it appears to me)
Explained more clearly below :)
Gilrandir 13th Oct 2017, 12:25 AM edit delete reply
Both, probably. I expect the death of the summoner terminates the link, so a black disk summons would try to first subjugate the summoner so that the entity can't be dismissed, then drain the summoner of spirit for as long as possible, prolonging the summons and eventually leading to the death of the summoner through spirit-depletion.

But that's just my guess.
Scia 15th Oct 2017, 3:15 AM edit delete reply
Or maybe it takes all of Speedcaster's effort to keep from being drained, let alone subjugate the thing?

I do think there's a chance that the idea was to let the black behemoth run rampant, so maybe he's just plain focusing on staying alive.
rufiangel 16th Oct 2017, 10:15 AM edit delete reply
thanks, Mjkj :)

megados and Gil are pretty much correct! :D

I would say that Speedcaster is definitely focusing right now on just breathing, probably XD
megados 12th Oct 2017, 7:57 PM edit delete reply
Good thing they have all the spectators out! Now comes the hard part!
rufiangel 16th Oct 2017, 10:16 AM edit delete reply
Yep - now they can wreak havoc within the coliseum without worrying too much about catching poor civilians in the wreckage, eh? :'D
Jarvi 12th Oct 2017, 8:03 PM edit delete reply
Aim for the summoner then? Dead summoner should mean no more spirit fuel? :)
Gilrandir 13th Oct 2017, 1:23 AM edit delete reply
But also no asking him (the summoner) questions about True Imperia and Briar's involvement. Not to mention I expect attacking the summoner is such an obvious tactic that the dark entity has defenses in place against exactly that kind of thing.
rufiangel 16th Oct 2017, 10:17 AM edit delete reply
You're right in a sense, Jarvi-nii - it'll become more clear next update. :)
Wido 12th Oct 2017, 8:43 PM edit delete reply
Nice drawing here Rufi. The last three panels have a really nice artwork
rufiangel 16th Oct 2017, 10:18 AM edit delete reply
Aw, thank you Wido! ;v;* I'm glad to hear that, given the simplistic nature of those panels in particular XD;
KAM 12th Oct 2017, 8:49 PM edit delete reply
Well, let's hope the monster waits until the school lesson is over. ;-)
rufiangel 16th Oct 2017, 10:18 AM edit delete reply
The monster is currently being forced to be in the naughty corner XD; we'll see if it has the ability to break out of there...
Robert 13th Oct 2017, 1:15 AM edit delete reply
Next page: This thing has really sensitive ears, so I need you to do a terrible job of playing these instruments and singing...
rufiangel 16th Oct 2017, 10:18 AM edit delete reply
The amazing images this brought up, lololol XD
MST3KFan 13th Oct 2017, 1:29 AM edit delete reply
Hmm...given the summoner guy is stuck right on the behemoth's chest after summoning it, I think that's the equivalent of the big glowy red spot you aim for on a boss character in shooter games.

In other words, aim for the guy.
rufiangel 16th Oct 2017, 10:25 AM edit delete reply
It certainly seems like the logical thing to do! :P
Proxy170 13th Oct 2017, 1:30 AM edit delete reply
Why do I feel like their tactic will be to take out the power source? :( Poor kid.
rufiangel 16th Oct 2017, 10:26 AM edit delete reply
I don't know, I kind of like Robert's plan of having everyone sing terribly and play bagpipes hideously off-key XD
The Accidental Ninja 13th Oct 2017, 3:03 AM edit delete reply
The Accidental Ninja
Run Balzac run xD
And yay, interesting exposition!

rufiangel 16th Oct 2017, 10:27 AM edit delete reply
Balzac isn't very fast at running, which Ruby likes to rub in XD

I'm glad you find it interesting! <3

((Do remember to breeeeathe XDD))
Scia 13th Oct 2017, 3:51 AM edit delete reply
In panel 5, the summoner's mark looks like Lenna's, and the summoner looks like it could be Lenna. Though the summon looks different from Ishi. I guess either it's a different summon, or the look of the summon can vary.
rufiangel 16th Oct 2017, 10:28 AM edit delete reply
You are observant my friend! :) It is indeed Lenna's silhouette and Lenna's mark. I deliberately did not use Ishi there as he's a bit of a special case. -v- But she does have other summons in her dischold! And the one shown here is an example of a different summon. ^_^
DLKmusic 13th Oct 2017, 10:18 AM edit delete reply
Everyone keeps guessing that Taking out Speedcaster is the answer, but i'm not so sure. I think Killing speedcaster will allow the Black Behemoth to swallow all of speedcasters spirit, and maintain form on his own.

I'm guessing that Ellis has a plan that will temporarily sever the link between Speedcaster and the Summon... Something similar to the curse on Cain's chains, albeit temporary: Kind of an "anti-spirit wall". If it can hold long enough, the Black Behemoth will be forced to return for lack of spirit energy to sustain itself.

I think that Ellis' plan is going to center around having two white mages that can craft and maintain such a wall.

I'm just guessing, and could be way off mark (again)...
Scia 15th Oct 2017, 3:19 AM edit delete reply
I'm inclined to agree that taking out Speedcaster isn't the answer, if only because I don't think they'll want to kill him.
rufiangel 16th Oct 2017, 10:30 AM edit delete reply
DLK, you're very very close!! :D
Crestlinger 14th Oct 2017, 6:37 AM edit delete reply
One morbid solution would be to drug the summoner to negate their control over the tug of spirit war> summon reduces them to a husk> summon has nothing left due to fighting and vanishes.
Other solutions: dispel/banish, a more powerful summoner taking control of the disc, or getting the summon to hurt itself to the point of weakening its Own spiritual energy into something manageable.
rufiangel 16th Oct 2017, 10:53 AM edit delete reply
Technically if Sylvia (Ellis's twin) had been here, she might have actually been able to try hijacking the control of the dark disc.. But she's in Clandest, boo. XD;; It's okay though, Ellis has a plan!
CiciEnixa 15th Oct 2017, 12:25 PM edit delete reply
I like this explanation about summons and contracts and mutual loveliness but... I am distraught at the implications on that last panel.

Poor Speedcaster. You're probably gonna be excised like a very doomed tumor... or zit... either way, your odds of making it out alive and untraumatized are near nil, if any.
rufiangel 16th Oct 2017, 10:54 AM edit delete reply
Mutual loveliness XD <3

Also I just burst out laughing when I read 'zit' XDDD poor Speedcaster, viewed as a zit :'DDD