Comic Parody Theatre: Dat Anime Trend Edition

17th Jan 2019, 6:00 PM in Chapter Eight
Parody Theatre: Dat Anime Trend Edition
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rufiangel 17th Jan 2019, 6:00 PM edit delete
Hey everyone! This one is just me poking fun at the deluge of anime out there under this specific genre XD;

This may sound surprising but this one was actually pretty hard for me to draw. Even now I know I didn't quite get it right (darn it!) - the body needs to be even smaller to really get that legit chibi anime feel. Ah well!

These days, I've been kind of trying my best to take a break, as it were. I'm also intermittently busy with bridesmaid shenanigans, but when I'm not chilling or running about out of the house, I'm mostly just trying to get my personal life in order. Lots of changes are incoming for my family, which makes it hard to focus on Serpamia Flare, as well as a multitude of other personal projects.

Still, that doesn't mean I plan to shelf SF for too long - I'm slowly grinding those rusty gears in my brain (with dear friends who gently nudge me along the way >w<*) and with any luck, I'll have some idea of an update schedule given a bit more time.

In the meantime all I can do is thank you amazing readers for your understanding ;v;* I couldn't ask for better readership and I know I'm super blessed. <3

Hope you enjoy this update and will catch you all next week with just one more for this parody series~ XD; I think you guys will like the next one ;P
The Accidental Ninja 17th Jan 2019, 6:09 PM edit delete reply
The Accidental Ninja
Bahahahah! This is spot-on xDD and I'd totally believe that it was hard to draw; no one ever tells you that drawing chibis is hard but it is hard -_-
Looks good to me though! :D
Good luck with all of your RL stuff! And I hope you manage to take some good breaks :D
We'll still be around here! :)

((edit: whoa wait I'm the first person here..... that never happens xD))
KAM 17th Jan 2019, 6:36 PM edit delete reply
Waaaaaaaait... are you saying Cain is one of us??? 8-o

megados 17th Jan 2019, 9:46 PM edit delete reply
Ahahaha! You crack me up!


You are the one to decide how and when you update. Before that, you have to make sure you're taken care of. If you don't do that, then what should be enjoyable turns into a chore. (Nice to see ya though!)
MST3KFan 17th Jan 2019, 11:24 PM edit delete reply
I didn't think Nemi could ever look cuter, but you proved me wrong with this piece, rufi. XO

She's very blunt with the questions to poor Cain.

As for real life. Obviously it loves to throw a wrench into things often, but I believe you'll get it all sorted out here. Just believe, rufi!
Seabiscuit 18th Jan 2019, 3:45 AM edit delete reply
Omg, haha. This is the best AU this is too damn adorable :'D
mjkj 18th Jan 2019, 4:13 AM edit delete reply
Wow... poor Cain =P

awww... Nemiiii ♡♡♡

@author's notes: please get/find your pace and see that you get RL sorted, too =) *hugs* ♡
Headgamer 18th Jan 2019, 4:36 AM edit delete reply
O man! I LOVE this. It should be a series. Tell me it’s a series. XD
DLKmusic 18th Jan 2019, 8:50 AM edit delete reply
wait a second... are you saying that male MMORPG players all have lousy social skills, and have never had a girlfriend? I THOUGHT THEY WERE ALL FBI AGENTS AND LINGERIE SALESMEN!!!!

Someone lied to me!!!!

This i funny as heck, Rufi! can't wait to see what tops this one!
Matt Knab 18th Jan 2019, 8:54 AM edit delete reply
Matt Knab
Haha, that's hilarious.
And anyone who's played an MMO knows how important a good healer is. A bad dps usually just gets themselves killed. A bad healer gets EVERYONE killed. :)
CiciEnixa 20th Jan 2019, 7:34 PM edit delete reply
At least behind a screen, Cain could have excuses of either being a noob, or having to deal with lag. Not this time, though! XD Poor Cain.

(Take good care, okie~ And am excite for the final one, though I do wonder what you chose for that XDDD)