Comic 603 - Dangerously close

18th Sep 2020, 6:00 PM in Chapter Nine
603 - Dangerously close
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rufiangel 18th Sep 2020, 6:00 PM edit delete
Heya folks, happy Friday! :) We're back to the main party for a bit~ and finally approaching Caelune...

I wanted to encourage people to check out the amazing Serpents of Old if you haven't already, and give Serpy-kins - who's had a pretty rough time recently - some love <3

Thanks for reading SF! I hope you're all staying safe and healthy ;v;*)/
Headgamer 18th Sep 2020, 6:41 PM edit delete reply
First panel:
I wonder if Michael will really be able to sneak in like that... He must get caught.

Last panel:
Well that was quick. XD
rufiangel 2nd Oct 2020, 6:27 PM edit delete reply
XD They didn't dawdle around when it comes to getting caught lolol
mjkj 18th Sep 2020, 6:47 PM edit delete reply
Uh-oh... assassins... =S

@alt text: seems the die do not like Michael?

@Rufi's notes: *hugs Rufi*
rufiangel 2nd Oct 2020, 6:28 PM edit delete reply
They make excellent security detail ;P

And at least he noticed it coming before it did! :'3

And! Much thank X3
CiciEnixa 18th Sep 2020, 8:20 PM edit delete reply
We are totally here for the best catonipu in the land, good sir/ma'am. Please don't stab well-paying customers?

(I doubt it'll work but XDDD)

If I didn't know it was a city, it really can pass off as a crazy tree fort from a distance. And low initiative's okay, Michael! Just make sure you roll a bit higher on Deception because that headband may not do the trick for long...
rufiangel 2nd Oct 2020, 6:30 PM edit delete reply
Pffffffttt XDD I actually realised after this comment how none of the current cast are ideal for bluffing, with maybe Kylie possibly being better at it than the others (in her case it's less about acting ability and more about whether it's worth the energy XD)... Jinn would be best at it maybe? Or at least he'd *want* to bluff XD

I also am not sure about Michael's Deception score, something tells me it may be in the negative zone :'DD
MST3KFan 18th Sep 2020, 10:35 PM edit delete reply
Well, the Kijini are like cats...and cats like their high places, so it makes sense all their buildings would be tall.

And of course they have stealth guards around the area.
rufiangel 2nd Oct 2020, 6:31 PM edit delete reply
Nice and tall and full of fun nooks and crannies :D

They are a very stealthy lot indeed!
melaredblu 18th Sep 2020, 10:38 PM edit delete reply
Eesh. They didn't waste any time. Good thing Jinn's not the one out right now.
rufiangel 2nd Oct 2020, 6:32 PM edit delete reply
Right? XD This would play out very differently if Jinn were at the helm, just saying!
megados 19th Sep 2020, 4:21 AM edit delete reply
Guard rolls a Nat 20 for stealth!

Michael, "Well you see, . . err (guys, a little help?)

Gotta love that city concept!
rufiangel 2nd Oct 2020, 6:32 PM edit delete reply
The guards have crazy stealth bonuses :D (those uniform green cloaks may have something to do with it~ ;)

And thank you, I appreciate it - it was fun coming up with Caelune's concept architecturally X3
Crestlinger 19th Sep 2020, 10:46 AM edit delete reply
'Planting trees.' *buries Cain-blessed apple core.
*Whispers 'Really were here to find out where the most recent Stiles smith went, we have one of his works and his student here with us.'
rufiangel 2nd Oct 2020, 6:33 PM edit delete reply
That would so meta XD but I really like the idea of planting Cain-blessed apple cores for some reason, that sounds very wholesome :3 <3
KAM 19th Sep 2020, 5:29 PM edit delete reply
Oddly enough, he came for a close shave. ;-)
rufiangel 2nd Oct 2020, 6:34 PM edit delete reply
In that case, he came to the right place at the right time! Just antagonise the guy a bit and he'll get a good shave XD
Seabiscuit 7th Apr 2021, 4:07 AM edit delete reply
Oh jeez, I'm not afraid of heights, but that would freak even me out living there~