Comic 616 - It helps to know

1st Jan 2021, 6:00 PM in Chapter Nine
616 - It helps to know
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rufiangel 1st Jan 2021, 6:00 PM edit delete
Heya folks, Happy New Year! :D I truly hope you are all having a warm, safe and happy start to 2021 so far!


I know I said I'd like to update more but I do sense I need a bit of a break, so SF will take next week off and update again on the 15th of January.

Happy holidays everyone! I hope you enjoy today's update, and thanks so much for reading SF. Stay toasty! >3<**)/
mjkj 1st Jan 2021, 6:07 PM edit delete reply
Poor Nemi... *hugs her*

...oh, a dream? or a memory?

@alt text: so true...

Happy new year to all <3

@R/N: Awwww *hugs Rufi* you did good this last year...
...I know about burn out - and concerning the reference I have - you did soooooooo much better *hugs* <3

Aaaawwww, the kitteh šŸ˜šŸ’—

...and thank you for the recap šŸ˜€

Thank you for letting us know, enjoy the break, get yourself rested and have a good start afterwards - you can make it *cheers Rufi on*

For those reading on mobile devices - if the image in the R/N (Rufi's Notes) does not show up completely, switch your browser to desktop mode!
rufiangel 15th Jan 2021, 12:19 PM edit delete reply
Nemi definitely needs those hugs~ ;v;*

Thank you very much mjkj for your kind words and support. ;v;* I am trying not to compare myself to others, or even my past self XD; it's hard.

I feel like I could have used a longer break >->;; maybe I should take the Lunar New Year off in February.

And thanks for the extra note on the R/N! I honestly wish I were better versed in website design so I could optimise this for mobile devices too. Blehhh
mjkj 15th Jan 2021, 4:27 PM edit delete reply
No problem, Rufi *hugs* I mostly read on mobile - so I found it out and shared...

...if you need a longer break, please take it - it is better to have you take a break now than you becoming unable to proceed anymore... *hugs* ...and you can make it *cheers Rufi on some more*
KAM 1st Jan 2021, 7:37 PM edit delete reply
Congratulations on not burning out. :-)

As for sticking with you, well, remember some of us are creators ourselves and can understand the problems of creating.

Good luck with the new year! :-)
rufiangel 15th Jan 2021, 12:30 PM edit delete reply
Thank you KAM <3 I appreciate that. It is certainly very nice to have other creators in this community ;v;* Good luck with the new year for you, too! X3
CiciEnixa 1st Jan 2021, 8:14 PM edit delete reply
I wonder if that's Ren... Also now I'm imagining Cain weeping as he tries to painfully untangle his bangs from the chains during the next couple of minutes :,D

Man, every time you do the yearly art progress report, I'm always baffled on how many things happened in the year.

Happy New Year, rufi! May this year be fun and, in part productive and the other part with plenty of rest <3<3<3
rufiangel 15th Jan 2021, 12:32 PM edit delete reply
Re; Cain hair and chain bad, we'll say that's canon but I didn't include it so as not to ruin the mood XD

2020 was kind of a weird year, I almost can't believe it's over already but I also reflect it felt like forever at the time :'D

Happy New Year dear Cici-muffin! I will absolutely try and do all those things XD
megados 1st Jan 2021, 9:14 PM edit delete reply
Happy New Year, Rufi! You can take great comfort in the fact that as challenging as 2020 was, you didn't burn out! Well Done!

Re: Alt Text, Yes, yes I do. LOL

Keep on staying safe, and hope for a happier 2021!
rufiangel 15th Jan 2021, 12:33 PM edit delete reply
Thank you megados! X3 Happy New Year! Please stay safe and let's all look forward to a better year this 2021 <3
DLKmusic 1st Jan 2021, 9:51 PM edit delete reply
If you include the Memorial to Jinny, you did 36 pages this year... She will live forever in your heart, and give you hope when you need it!

Happy New Year Rufi, enjoy the break, and We will see you on the 15th!!!
rufiangel 15th Jan 2021, 12:33 PM edit delete reply
Awww DLK... thank you very kindly <3 ;v;*

Happy New Year! I hope yours has had a solid start so far. X3
Crestlinger 2nd Jan 2021, 1:43 AM edit delete reply
He must be getting Some strength training by now having haul all that metal around. Not Samarai Jack 'jump good' levels but when he's finally free of them the lack of weight will be amusing tat the least after having to correct for them for so long.

Merchandise idea: SF characters on a 'We survived 2020.' on stuff
rufiangel 15th Jan 2021, 12:35 PM edit delete reply
That would be pretty amazing XD no one would be more baffled than Cain if he suddenly became ridonkulously strong after dropping the chains, LOL

That sure sounds like a cute merch idea X3 we all need one of our own selves saying that!
Headgamer 2nd Jan 2021, 3:12 AM edit delete reply
Happy New Year!

Iā€™m glad you were able to finish the year strong even with all the craziness out there. Looking forward to what 2021 has to offer.
rufiangel 15th Jan 2021, 12:36 PM edit delete reply
Happy New Year, Headgamer! <3 X3

I am glad as well that I was able to keep updates up through to the end of 2020. And definitely have hopes for 2021 being better! I hope this will be a year of new beginnings~
melaredblu 2nd Jan 2021, 7:30 AM edit delete reply
Nemi might be in prison, but Cain takes his prison with him everywhere he goes...
megados 2nd Jan 2021, 7:50 AM edit delete reply
That's an interesting, and very true observation!
rufiangel 15th Jan 2021, 12:37 PM edit delete reply
@melaredblu: That was so poetically put ;v;** <3
The Accidental Ninja 3rd Jan 2021, 6:53 AM edit delete reply
The Accidental Ninja
They could've at least given her a pillow, geez

Aw, Cain, poor guy :(

re: alt text: aaaa it's like the worse version of getting your hair caught in your glasses x'D

Haaa.... I was surprised looking at that progress report, I felt like a lot of those updates were longer than a year ago but it was all in the same year! x'D it's been a long, weird year haha

Happy New Year!! :D
rufiangel 15th Jan 2021, 12:38 PM edit delete reply
No, no pillow for bad kitty!

And man you know what happens when my hair gets weird with my glasses, it just kind of does this weird flippy thing so I have these long hair antennae sticking out from either side of my face XD

I also think 2020 just felt incredibly looong XD

Happy New Year, dear! I hope yours has started off in a stellar way so far~~ X3
Archangel Daniel 3rd Jan 2021, 7:16 AM edit delete reply
Archangel Daniel
Well, we're going to be seeing some serious stuff tomorrow! (the in-universe tomorrow, of course :) )

re: alt text: oh, that's not nearly as bad as pinching the beard with a zipper, at least as far as I'm concerned XD And I don't even have that much of a beard!

Last but not least, happy New Year everybody!
rufiangel 15th Jan 2021, 12:40 PM edit delete reply
Ah yes, the day of the inquiry will be... well, I'm curious to see how readers will respond X3 hehehe

Also, I certainly don't know what it's like to pinch a beard with a zipper but I can only imagine it's very painful :'D I'd say that's probably worse, yes XD

Happy New Year Archangel Daniel! X3 Thank you for reading!
Wido 4th Jan 2021, 2:03 AM edit delete reply
Happy new year Rufi! As much as I would love to have the 3 updates a week, I can assure you I much prefer the 35 updates a year instead of an unknown hiatus. We (the weird readers) are still here, and we still want to hear your story, so be chill, take your time =)
mjkj 4th Jan 2021, 10:50 PM edit delete reply
Well said, Wido, well said šŸ‘
rufiangel 15th Jan 2021, 12:55 PM edit delete reply
@Wido: Thanks Wido, Happy New Year to you too! ^-^* I appreciate you reading, and for your patience regarding the updates. I'll do what I can this year, too!
Robert 10th Jan 2021, 12:11 AM edit delete reply
Glad to have you back sending out updates, here's to 2021 being kind to you!!!
rufiangel 15th Jan 2021, 12:55 PM edit delete reply
Thank you Robert! >3<* I hope 2021 is a better year for everyone indeed.