Comic 645 - Playing dumb

3rd Jun 2022, 6:00 PM in Chapter Nine
645 - Playing dumb
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rufiangel 3rd Jun 2022, 6:00 PM edit delete
Happy Friday, folks! :D I hope you're having a good start to your weekend!

I don't have a whole lot to say today, so here's a cute dog I photographed at a park a few weeks ago.


Have a great weekend, and see you next Friday with the next page! Thanks so much for reading SF! <3
rufiangel 9th Jun 2022, 11:18 AM edit delete
Hi everyone, I just wanted to drop a delay notice for the update - it will go up this weekend instead of on Friday (well, in my timezone) as usual, because I've had family visit this week and it's taken up a bunch of comic-ing time. Apologies for the delay! >.<*)/
rufiangel 13th Jun 2022, 10:52 AM edit delete
Sorry folks, not the best news; I've managed to somehow hurt my right wrist. I'm not sure exactly why or how, but it's super sore and it's making it hard to draw >_<;;;

I don't think it's anything major and I think just resting it a day with some ice will help, but let's push the update a little later. Sorry, I really didn't want to delay any updates in this particular sequence of events OTL
Gilrandir 3rd Jun 2022, 6:49 PM edit delete reply
Stiles … you’re so … fluffy. ^_^
rufiangel 20th Jun 2022, 5:31 PM edit delete reply
XD It took me a second, but LOL. So very fluffy.
megados 3rd Jun 2022, 8:14 PM edit delete reply
Stiles might have been well, until y'all showed up. He doesn't look so good right now. :(

This is all pretty much an assumption; For all they know, Nemi could have happened along without having been aiding anyone. It's an even bigger assumption that she knows where 'whatever it is' is located.

Fluffy dog is fluffy! XD
rufiangel 20th Jun 2022, 5:32 PM edit delete reply
Many assumptions were made in this situation, and you know what they say about assuming... :')

Robert 4th Jun 2022, 12:01 AM edit delete reply
Stiles has the mcguffin. We need that mcguffin. It's... worth more than a thousand year supply of catnip.
rufiangel 20th Jun 2022, 5:33 PM edit delete reply
XD It occurred to me that it would sound like a mcguffin, so I was really amused to get a comment just directly pointing that out LOL. It certainly is worth more than a thousand-year supply of katonipu! Well, depending on how much of the stuff you consume in a year...
melaredblu 4th Jun 2022, 10:49 AM edit delete reply
This escape attempt went poorly.

Of course, that was a foregone conclusion, since if it went off without a hitch, she wouldn't be on trial right now.

Also, man, that second panel. She's lucky nothing got jolted out-of-socket. What a painful impact.
rufiangel 20th Jun 2022, 5:35 PM edit delete reply
Things definitely could have gone a little better :') but then you know what they say about hindsight orz

She's a pretty flexible girl, but she definitely felt the impact days afterward. (in more ways than one :'D)
Archangel Daniel 6th Jun 2022, 5:36 AM edit delete reply
Archangel Daniel
OK, so either Stiles has been holding out on some info, or the two newcomers are grossly misinformed. Either way, I don't see this being resolved in a tidy manner.
rufiangel 20th Jun 2022, 5:38 PM edit delete reply
Who's telling the truth! Who?!
very very shifty eyes
A. Moose 13th Jun 2022, 12:29 PM edit delete reply
Just take the week and so push the update to friday. That way you can work a little on your buffer too. Pushing yourself for a catch-up update will just make the problems worse.
megados 13th Jun 2022, 8:02 PM edit delete reply
I agree. Give yourself the week to be sure your wrist up to snuff. If you push it while it's hurt, you might delay your recovery.
rufiangel 20th Jun 2022, 5:40 PM edit delete reply
@megados: Thank you very much for your kind words. ;v;* I gave my wrist several days of easy-going but it sort of just kind of got better and worse at points quite inexplicably. It hasn't obviously worsened, at least. I've provided an update on the situation in the next update A/N, but thank you so much for encouraging me to take it easy. ;v;*
rufiangel 20th Jun 2022, 5:39 PM edit delete reply
Thank you very kindly, A. Moose ;v;* Unfortunately I missed even that kind grace period you so kindly suggested. I've detailed in the upcoming update A/N what's been going on with my wrist issue; we'll have to lapse into a sort of 'whenever I can' schedule until it's fixed. ;v;* Thank you for encouraging me to take it easy. ;v;**
mjkj 3rd Jul 2022, 5:21 PM edit delete reply
Outch, poor Nemi *hugs her*, who are these thugs attacking poor Nemi???

@R/N: awwww... cute little doggo is cute...

@R/N2: I hope the family visit went well and you all had fun *huggus*

@R/N3: outch, please take care of yourself and your hands - and get all the rest you and they need *hugs*
rufiangel 22nd Jul 2022, 3:52 PM edit delete reply
They're essentially part of law enforcement in Deca :'D

1. I know, right??? ;v;*
2. Family visit got extended by a couple of weeks, and it went pretty well! Thank you <3
3. I've been doing my best ;v; Thank you kindly for your encouraging words!