Welcome to the DLC page, a.k.a. the Serpamia Flare Digital Content Store! :)


What's available in the store, right now:




What is DLC?

You know how you can pay for downloadable content, a.k.a. paid extra stuff in video games? Like extra costumes, special weapon/armour or an additional subquest?

That's kind of what the DLC here will be like! ♥

I loosely refer to everything as 'DLC' in this store, but in terms of content that is actually in comic or written form I want to make clear: none of the DLC here will ever contain information that is essential to understanding the main plot of SF. So don't worry about that!


I am using Gumroad to sell digital content for Serpamia Flare. You can check out my profile page here!

If there's anything you want to see that isn't in this store, please feel free to suggest it in the comments section of the comic page or the forums!

(If you've ever wanted to support Serpamia Flare, I hope this store gives you some options to get something out of it! :D ♥)