The Anjelian race came to Archaiean soil after the very first Aquafall that hit Archaeia. They are, purportedly, a race that lived on islands that floated above on the surface of the Aqua before it came down onto Archaiea; hence, they are an 'alien' race. An Anjelian looks pretty human, except they are marked with blue birthmarks (unique to each Anjelian) that look like tattoos, and have lifespans twice as long. They also all have blue or green hair (turquoise, even) and slightly darker skin than most humans. They are capable of a special kind of magic unique to their race (dream interpretation, blood magic, fortune telling, etc.) and tend to live humble lives in self-sustaining communities. Most, if not all of them, are vegetarian. They do not usually partake with human culture, and are more aloof/detached from the rest of Archaiea in their isolation. They are usually quite happy to help humans out, strangely enough, despite their history. It seems that Anjelians share a belief that comes attached with certain values, which includes loving your neighbour more than yourself, loving your enemy, and living without the love for money.
Historically, Anjelians came to Archaeia with a superior magic and technology, which they shared generously. Not all magic was beneficial, however, as some humans simply could not take the level of magic being taught. Imperia - back then, the largest kingdom in Archaiea - saw fit to use this as a reason to capture and kill Anjelians, as they could pose a huge threat to their forces should they choose to ally with rival kingdoms. After being hunted down and cut down in number greatly, Anjelians took to hiding and hermitage. It was Clandest that finally took up a stand against Imperia, and in their peace treaty, Imperians agreed to stop persecuting Anjelians. Only then have there been Anjelians that have settled outside of their hidden communities (besides the large settlement in Clandest), living near humans amicably though never quite living with them. Some communities also live together with Saeren folk. A few Anjelians, during the time of persecution, chose to live with humans on the sly by hiding their birthmarks and actually integrated into the society, but the resultant half-Anjelians are not considered 'Anjelian' by their original fellows, but rather 'human'.
Anjelians seem fairly humble, but there is a strange underlying tone (that perhaps the Imperians didn't like) within their mannerisms that imply they are of a superior race to others. Some have said that Anjelians believe they are a special race chosen by the Father to lead the poor, suffering humans on Archaiea... though if an Anjelian were asked this directly, they would most likely not give a direct response. 
They tend to treat all races with equal respect, but rather than look at the 'surface', an Anjelian will treat someone differently depending on their 'aura' or whatnot. They act a bit differently with the Saeren, however, in that they are less aloof and more interested in their lives. Perhaps they view them as more... 'equal'?

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