A canine-like race. A Danririn looks an awful lot like a human, except they have wolf-like ears and a tail where a human doesn't, and have a slightly short lifespan. It is said that there were no Danrir in Archaeia until the great Aquafall that destroyed the old capital of Jihan happened. A Danririn will either come from a remote community (as the Danrir tend to travel in fixed, isolated packs) or from Nines (which is like a collection of tight-knit packs rather than one large community). It is also common for a Danririn to leave a pack and just settle on their own in a human community (lone wolf style; it is not seen as abandonment when this happens). The Danrir that stay in communities are fiercely loyal, aggressive against any opposition to their kind and extreme in their perseverance. This is why they can live in harsher climates than other races, so there are Danrir communities in the desert (Crystal Sands) and in various mountain ranges. If a Danririn meets another Danririn on the road, they will automatically bond just from being of the same race. Each community can be slightly different in flavour and numbers, but in general they will be down-to-earth, not that involved with the Archaiean economy (usually merchants will travel outside the community to trade) and educated more in specific trades (like carpentry or farming) than academically.
The Danrir get along fine with all races except for the Kijin. The Danrir tend to despise the Kijin due to a long-standing territorial conflict over the land between Fel and Nines. The root of this conflict has been somewhat forgotten over the centuries, with only a few myths here and there that claim different reasons. If you are a Danririn, it is likely the myths you heard growing up had the Kijin look like evil, cunning and self-absorbed thieves that have attempted to steal land for no other reason than their own greed.

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