The Saera are a winged race that came the same time the Angelians did, as they were the other race that populated the surface of the Aqua before it fell. A Saeren looks human, but they have red birthmarks (unique to each Saeren) and wings that protrude from their back. 
They are the original songweavers, and along with a captivating voice, all Saera tend to be exceptionally attractive. When the Saera first arrived on Archaiea with the Angelians, they too were helpful to humans and chose to teach them the power of songweaving. Unfortunately, as the Saera were only capable of speaking Caesuran at the time, only few humans were able to communicate with them (the few humans who loved music and could understand, somehow, what the Saera were saying). 
On the whole, Saera were seen as creatures to be hunted, what with their bewitching voices and power of flight. Although the Anjelians were able to protect them to some extent, when the Imperians rose up to persecute the Anjelians, the Saera were mercilessly hunted down as well and the Anjelians could do little to help them. During the Purge, the numbers of Saera dwindled down excessively to the point they are even to this day the least common race on Archaiea. A few Saera managed to never get caught, but the community they formed contains a very small number and is closed off. They are extremely hostile to any other race that isn't Saeren or Anjelian. Any Saera from this community is known to be 'wild'. These Saera still retain full wing spans. The only other community with Saera that have full wing spans is Erimia, the Lapia Oak community in Clandest. The Saera there live harmoniously with other Anjelians, as well as half-Anjelians and half-Saera; these Saera were freed from captivity by the Last King of Clandest, and therefore they have respect and friendliness towards the human race.
The majority of the Saera were not killed when captured, but put in a cage and made to sing for entertainment, and also display. Their wings were always mutilated to make sure they would not escape. As a gentle race by nature, Saeren were easily subjugated, and eventually, the size of the wings of the domesticated Saera began to shrink over the generations. Now, most Saera have small, ineffectual wings that do not grant them flight, and are merely an indication of their race. (Adult Saera, however, can - with magic - cause the wings to burst out to full size and fly for a short period of time.) In the past, Saera were mostly domesticated pets or slaves to humans, Kijin and Danrir alike (though you will never see an Anjelian do such a thing to a Saera). Over time, however, more and more Saeren were set free by those seeking justice and some soft-hearted owners, so there are some small-winged Saeren roaming free and settling in communities here and there. A number of them are still enslaved, however, and kept in place by binding contracts.
A Saeren communicates primarily through music and song, so when it comes to speaking, they are not always that good at it. Outside of the hostile, 'wild' community, most of the Saera are gentle, willing to help and extremely sensitive. Also, because of the slavery over the years, they mostly consider themselves inferior to all the other races and will act accordingly. Saera are more at ease with Anjelians.

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